Just go and play out, would you?!

Playing outside | Grumpy Parent

It’s raining again. They’re moaning again.

1 – Go jumping in muddy puddles

You forget just how much kids love this. So simple, but such fun. All you need – kids, feet, wellies… or do you?

2 – Go for a walk in the rain in bare feet

Probably in the back garden, or yard. But gravel can work as well as grass. Favourite choice of our 7 year old. “Squidgy!”

3 – Do a wet nature exploration 

Look out for animals and creatures that love the wet. Talk about why they like the rain. You can be in the garden, or on the pavement. “And you can see the rain on spider webs”.

4 – Go umbrella dancing or paddling 

Get all your umbrellas and go singing in the rain! Or get a paddling pool out and play at being ducks!

5 – Rain bouncing 

Get some pots and pans and turn them upside down to see how high the rain bounces on different surfaces. If you have a trampoline – get your macs on and see how high you can bounce the rain!

6 – Catch the rain 

On your tongue. Or in a bottle. See how much you can catch. What does it taste like? You can also listen to what it sounds like when it falls.

7 – Make nature boats & mud pies 

Gather leaves and twigs, make boats, then float them in puddles down the stream, or even the street (take care by roads). Mash up a mud pie afterwards – you’re already wet!

8 – Go to the park 

“It’s the same! And it’s fun!” Take an old towel for the slide and and take another one for mums & dads to sit on!

9 – Make a waterproof den 

Traditional or modern? Tent or sticks; tarpaulin, or twigs? See if you can make it waterproof with leaves and twigs. Take photos and share your #wildtime

10 – Water wonders 

If you can’t get outside, or just can’t face the fight, kids can learn about how water moves by looking at windows. See how water droplets join together and talk about how this also works with streams & rivers, too.

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