Catherine Zeta-Jones’ bathroom cabinet? Pah! That’s not real life.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has shared the inside of her bathroom cabinet with everyone this week on Instagram.

I’d like to pretend that I don’t care and that I’m not interested. I’d love that, in fact. But what a nice little 2 mins of escape she offered me from the drudge of cleaning my own bathroom. I hit the clickbait and jumped right in. I wish I hadn’t bothered. I then (you knew it was coming) got lost in the internet for a while reading the comments. I know.

What she has shared (above) is a carefully crafted piece of art. White. Of course. All shiny bottles in order. Of course. Just the right mix of ultra-expensive and down-to-earth, girl next door chic. But of course. This is ‘Catherine I’m from Swansea’, after all. Now, please don’t think I don’t like her. I do. What’s not to like?

But what I’d really like to see is some real Catherine.

I don’t want to see her perfect life and her perfect bathroom cabinet. I want to see a bit of the real Catherine. I want to see that woman from the Darling Buds of May that the nation fell in love with back in the day. Where’s her toothbrush? Which brand of sanitary towels does she use? Tooth floss, or tape? Johnson’s earbuds or Sainsbury’s, I mean Walmart’s, own?

Does she even use earbuds? Does she have people for that? *How many* cabinets does she have? Because I have just the one. And it ain’t tidy. Come on Catherine. If you want to be real, be real. THIS is what real looks like… And yes, Yes I did tidy that first 🙄

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