Who’s grumpy then?

Who is grumpy? And why The Grumpy Parent?

Because parenting is hard. It sometimes it makes us a tiny bit grumpy. And it’s OK to admit that. We’re fed up of seeing all this lovely cute stuff all over the place. Parenting can suck on an alarmingly regular basis, no matter how awesome your other half and how brilliant your parents are at babysitting for you.

So yeah, we are still in denial. To help make sense of the world we thought we’d share our advice. No you can’t hand back the kids. That’s not really an option, is it?*

And we’re not even going to sprinkle it with cute pictures of our kids hugging. That is a fact of which you can be sure of. The Grump is not for turning. Or smiling.

Natalie Fidler & Rachel Fiddes
(Yes, yes they are our real names.)


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 23.09.58
Not the only decent picture of us without 6 kids clung to us. Not in the pub. Defo not some scribbled out dude behind us. Nope. Not us.

*ps – If there is a legal way, please get in touch.

** pps – Just kidding… Or are we?

*** ppps – Yes, this is a joke site, Mum. We’re OK, you don’t need to call Nan.


Hard at work. And not too grumpy…

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 20.42.33.png
Erm, can you not wear my jumper tomorrow please? Weirdo.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 19.33.25
Why do the kids always infiltrate EVERYTHING?!
Grumpy faces
Less Grumpy Parents, more Nan asking “Where’s me tea?”

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